Donna Tucker’s life was destined to be intertwined with music. She began her music career so long ago, she has no memory of those early-day lessons. She was young, but so talented. She has fleeting glimpses of a teacher lifting her to the piano bench as her mother hovered in the next room. When she entered kindergarten, she had already been playing piano for two years. She was as familiar with music during that time as other girls were with dolls. When the teacher needed piano assistance during those early years, Donna was always at her side.

As she matured, Donna began woodwind instrument studies with a fascination for the oboe…to this day, she continues to play and study the oboe. Instrumental study was an unspoken rule within her family as her great grandmother was a concert pianist who performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra in the 1800’s.

Donna moved to Dallas, Texas following her studies at Kansas State University and embarked upon a career as a singer/musician and commercial television talent. Over a period of eleven years, she was a spokesperson for the Southland Corporation, parent company of 7-11 stores and traveled the United States and Canada performing concerts and introducing previews of the company’s newest products. When she was not on the road with 7-11, Donna performed with the Woody Herman Band, Dallas Jazz Orchestra, Jerry Lewis Telethons, and many others. She performed in the National March of Dimes Telethon, filmed and produced in Los Angeles….along with a Los Angeles Summer Olympics performance on the Queen Mary. All this while continuing a heavy performance schedule at the renowned ARTHUR’S in Dallas.

In 1999, Donna signed a long running contract with the Westin Tokyo, in Japan, as a headliner. While living in Tokyo three months at a time, she performed 6 nights a week in the Compass Rose, a major club in downtown Tokyo. That gave Donna the recognition of being the highest contracted performer at the Westin within a ten year period. Many of the audiences included members of the Emperial Royal Family, diplomats from around the world, as well as guests who would book their business trips to Tokyo, knowing Donna Tucker would be performing at the hotel.

After living in Dallas for seventeen years, Donna and her family moved to Kansas, Tucker’s home state, and she continues to travel, performing in venues ranging from small intimate rooms to larger performance theaters with big bands and orchestras.

Along with her performing schedules, Donna continues to take the time to encourage young aspiring artists to follow their dream. For Donna, a girl from Kansas…the world has truly been her stage.

RIGHT AS THE RAIN and ‘ROUND MIDNIGHT are Tucker’s two CDs which can be viewed/purchased at and as well as online sites in Europe, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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